An Account Executive is allocated to each employer group. They will be available to provide a personal onsite service to you, the employer and your employees.


Your Account Executive will act as the service co-ordinator for your employer group, partnering with key staff members while also ensuring the expected results are delivered by the medical scheme or related product house.


Your Account Executive will assist with:

  • Induction and training on medical scheme benefits at all locations
  • Regular onsite visits to all branches as per you and your employee needs
  • Reporting on claim patterns and medical scheme changes
  • Regular communications including:
    • Process communication in collaboration with HR
    • Monthly wellness news to employees
    • Special needs communication – i.e. HIV or dreaded diseases
  • Year-end reviews and option changes at all branches



Our Vision

At Optivest, medical schemes and medical scheme related products are our speciality.
It is our vision to enable all South Africans to get medical cover, that suits their individual and family needs while saving them money.


Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) Declaration By providing the information in this form you agree that our fulfillment partner may contact you to provide you with the necessary advice. Your personal information will be stored in a secure encrypted manner and will not be sold or disseminated to any third party without your explicit consent.