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Optivest is the fulfilment partner for the following service offerings:

Choosing the right medical scheme


If you are a first time medical scheme buyer, or are not sure if the scheme you are currently on is still the best one for you, the MedQuote quotation platform is a great way to compare options and benefits to make an informed decision.


Once you have requested the quote, a Optivest consultant will provide you with advice and assistance to understand what each scheme and specific option entails. A detailed needs-analysis is completed on your profile to ensure you are presented with the most relevant product information.


To get your comparative, no-obligation medical scheme quotation, go to:

Ongoing medical scheme advice and support


MedXpert is the client services division of Optivest. These highly skilled consultants provide dedicated and ongoing advice and support services to make dealing with your medical scheme a hassle-free experience.


The MedXpert team can assist medical scheme members with the following:

  • Assistance with incorrectly paid or unpaid claims
  • Ongoing support with the management of your full health cover portfolio (medical scheme, gap cover, health cards, loyalty programmes, etc.)
  • Optimisations of chronic medication
  • An annual needs analysis of the Option and Benefit Changes announced by each scheme


To access these services, an appointment instruction must be issued to the medical scheme, as signed by the principal member of the medical scheme.


For more information or to sign up for MedXpert, go to:

Invest in GapCover to optimise your medical scheme membership


Medical scheme membership does not mean you will not have out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Because doctors and other medical service providers can charge up to 500% of the medical scheme tariff, shortfall (gap) amounts often occur after an in-hospital procedure.


Medical schemes can also impose co-payments on in- and out-of-hospital procedures, which are defined and specified by the scheme itself. This will also be an out-of-pocket expense for the member.


It is therefore wise to invest in gap and copay cover policies to cover yourself against these unplanned expenses that could lead to unplanned payments that would be for your own account.


For more info or to buy, go to:

Our Vision

At Optivest, medical schemes and medical scheme related products are our speciality.
It is our vision to enable all South Africans to get medical cover, that suits their individual and family needs while saving them money.


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